Sunny Finally Gets Her Time To Shine In SNSD-Oh!GG’s “Lil Touch” MV

All the girls slay, but fans are noticing Sunny’s striking vocals in “Lil Touch”.

Girls’ Generation‘s new sub-unit Oh!GG has released the MV for their track “Lil Touch”, and fans are excited not only for the massive bop, but because all the 5 members got equal screen time.


Fans are glad some of the members they feel weren’t able to get enough screen time or singing lines in the past as Girls’ Generation members are now able to show their talent – including Sunny.


According to SONEs, although Sunny is a member of Girls’ Generation’s vocal line, many fans weren’t aware as Sunny historically wasn’t given many lines, and when she was they were “cutesy” lines.

  • “She was always a lead vocal, the og vocal line had 5 members”
  • “It makes me angry that people still don’t know this after 10 years… although, SM is to blame IMO, for giving Sunny so much less lines than the rest of the singing line. (Unless it was cutesy b-side tracks.)”
  • “She is actually an above average vocalist but SM always forced her to sing in a cutesy way in the past.”
  • “Sunny has always been lead vocal with Tiff and Seohyun. Meanwhile, Jessica was main vocalist along with Taeyeon.”


With “Lil Touch”, Sunny’s vocals in the pre-chorus are deep and impressive, showing a different side to the singer that fans may not have many opportunities to see in the past.

  • “Sunny is my ultimate and I’m so happy she’s finally getting the love she deserves.”
  • “Sunny is my ultimate!! I honestly have never been happier for her.”
  • “She seriously deserves all the praise she’s getting… just took 10 years…”
  • “She’s always had amazing vocals and a good falsetto but SNSD has a lot of vocalists so she gets overshadowed. Glad she gets to shine in here aaaaaa”


Many fans are picking Sunny’s voice as a highlight in the song.

  • “Sunny’s vocals in this is godly.”
  • “I love how Sunny’s pre-chorus bit sounded.”
  • “Sunny singing the second pre-chorus f*cked me up.”
  • “Sunny really shines here. Her vocals are amazing and the part where she is center is amazing too.”
  • “Sunny singing with a non-cutesy voice, thank you SM.”
  • “Sunny sounds SO GOOD, I’m glad she finally really gets a chance to shine vocally.”
  • “Sunny sounds so good and she’s able to show her singing skills. All the girls are shining and I’m so happy to see that.”


Some SONEs are getting quite emotional on Sunny’s behalf.

  • “Honestly when I saw Sunny in the center I felt like crying. Sunny has been my ultimate bias for about 10 years now so this is the comeback I’ve been dreaming about, distribution-wise. Y’all gotta stop sleeping on Sunny!!!”
  • “I loved her center part. She’s unbelievably sexy especially in the bowing down part. I am slayed.”


Of course, fans are excited about having all of the 5 members back performing as a Girls’ Generation sub-unit again.

  • “They just keep looking better, the song was fire, and I loved the choreography. Another amazing release from my favorite group.”
  • “I feel so attacked by this song and MV. The looks, the vocals, the catchy lyrics, the cinematography and the choreography (love that everyone had their time to shine in the centre) are everything. All the girls rock the concept so well. Thank you SNSD.”
  • “VISUALS are off the ROOF. Classy looks and this song is absolutely going on repeat.”
  • “My good god damn lord without mercy look at Yuri and Taeyeon… That aside, I’m so happy to see Yuri getting to sing more along with Sunny using her real voice like in Genie or in You Think instead of being the cutesy backup vocal or the high range ad libs.”
  • “So happy when I saw Hyoyeon in the center. Finally getting the time.”
  • “Honestly, SNSD has been and will always be my #1. This song reminded me why.”


Watch all the members slay in “Lil Touch” below!

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