Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Once Revealed A Funny Story Of Her Wardrobe Malfunction While Performing

Good thing she had Tiffany on stage with her.

In an episode of Strong Heart, Taeyeon revealed she had a misfortunate wardrobe malfunction during her duet with Tiffany. The worse part is that Taeyeon’s outfit was already quite revealing. 

For girls, there’s a lot of tight clothing. And when we do concerts, we tend to sweat a lot and the clothes become even more tight! So we started the song but suddenly my breath went ‘tteehaak’ (sound of Taeyeon’s releasing a breath). 

— Taeyeon

The guest and MC laughed and commented that a breath of release is necessary while dancing.

Taeyeon continued and shared that she suddenly felt more comfortable in her outfit. 

Yes, suddenly it’s different and wow it was comfortable! It was suddenly comfortable. I went ‘oh’ what could this be? And there was this zipper at the side and that zipper on the side was completely separated.

— Taeyeon

The fans gasped at the thought of poor Taeyeon realizing her top zipper open. Tiffany then added in and said she noticed Taeyeon’s pose to be different than her usual one.

From her first appearance, her pose was already like this” to which Tiffany demonstrated with her arm oldy bent and her hand all the way up to her armpit. Taeyeon’s arm is usually bent to where her hand naturally sits on her hip.

Check out Tiffany’s visual demonstration: 

Tiffany continued to say that she also noticed Taeyeon’s facial expression was tight: “Finally we met side to side and Taeyeon had her teeth clenched and was singing like this” to which Tiffany showcased to the audience again:

I wondered why she was like this and we separated like this then we met up again, it was finally tiring for her posing like this for around 3 minutes long

— Tiffany

Taeyeon commented that “it would have been a big problem” if she took her hand off her top. 

Finally, Tiffany shared that Taeyeon finally reached out to Tiffany and said “Help Me!” Taeyeon revealed that she actually sang the “help me” into the microphone as an adlib. 

Tiffany made sure Taeyeon’s mature handle on the situation didn’t go unnoticed and shared that fans pointed out she “was definitely a pro.”

Watch Taeyeon and Tiffany tell the full story below:

Check out the actual moment Taeyeon’s zipper broke:


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