Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals She Has The Same Personality Type As Mother Teresa & It’s Incredibly Fitting

This definitely fits Taeyeon perfectly.

In a live broadcast on May 4 to promote her new single “Happy”, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon revealed that she took the MBTI personality test again. And, she shared a very interesting tidbit with fans: she has the same personality type as Mother Teresa. Take a look at Taeyeon’s personality type and just how well it fits her.

When Taeyeon took the MBTI personality test back in June 2017, her result was ISFJ. However, it seems she’s developed a lot as a person since then, because the result she got this time was a little different: INFJ, also known as the “Advocate” personality type.

INFJ is one of the rarest personality types in the world, making up less than 1% of the population. If you ever needed proof of how special Taeyeon is as a person, this is it.

Mother Teresa is typed as an INFJ because people with this personality type are very altruistic. While Taeyeon may not have devoted her life to caring for the sick, she definitely does all she can to help those in need. She regularly donates to charity and became a member of the Red Cross Honors Club for donating over 100 million KRW.

Another main strength of INFJs is how creative they are. In particular, they often use their creativity to help people. No wonder Taeyeon is so committed to making music that touches everyone’s hearts.

INFJs are also very determined and passionate. When something is important to them, they pursue it with unwavering conviction. That determination and passion is definitely part of what got Taeyeon to such a successful position in the industry.

Fans frequently praise Taeyeon for her insightful nature, another characteristic of her INFJ personality type. She often has wise answers to meaningful questions. For example, when a SONE asked her how she maintains her mental health, Taeyeon revealed that rather than expecting a lot from others, she expects a lot from herself.

INFJs are known to be perfectionists too, which explains why Taeyeon is never satisfied until she does her best.

Many INFJs choose expressive career paths like music and film. Alongside Mother Teresa, Taeyeon said she also shares her personality type with Lady Gaga.

All in all, there couldn’t be a personality type more fitting for lovely Taeyeon.

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