“Girls Planet 999” Finalist Su Ruiqi Hints At What To Expect From Her In The Future

Her journey isn’t over yet…

In a recent broadcast, popular Girls Planet 999 finalist Su Ruiqi hinted at what to expect from her now she’s left the show.

From the moment Girls Planet 999 first released its contestants’ introductory profiles, Su Ruiqi was already one of the most popular participants. She had the most-watched introduction clip out of all the C-Group contestants in the first week—in part because she was already well-known before the show.

Su Ruiqi | Mnet

Back in 2018, she competed on Produce 101 China. While she performed valiantly on the survival show, she ultimately ranked 25th, narrowly missing the chance to debut with Rocket Girls 101.

Later that year, she debuted in the C-Pop girl group Chic Chili under the stage name Sury. Formerly known as Oxygen Girls, the five-piece group also spawned a duo subunit with Ruiqi.

Then, in August 2019, Ruiqi made her solo debut with “In Chengdu,” a song dedicated to her Sichuan hometown. But her journey didn’t stop there. She went on to compete in Produce Camp 2020, where she rose even higher than she did in her first survival show. But sadly, once again, she narrowly missed the debut lineup. With a final ranking of 11th place, she was unable to join seven-member group Bonbon Girls 303.

While competing in just one survival show must be hard enough, Su Ruiqi didn’t hesitate to try her hand at a third this year, coming to South Korea to compete in Girls Planet 999. Ruiqi got off to a stellar start, beginning the show with an evaluation ranking of 2nd out of the entire C-Group.

| Mnet

Over the course of the show, her ranking stayed steady. After performances of Chungha‘s “Snapping,” EXO‘s “The Eve,” and Lee Sun Hee‘s “Fate,” Ruiqi’s rank never dipped below 3rd out of C-Group and 10th overall.

| Mnet

That’s why many fans were so shocked when Su Ruiqi ended Girls Planet 999 with a rank of 13th place, missing her chance to debut in Kep1er. Now, everyone is dying to know what’s next for the star—and Ruiqi gave a little hint in a recent live broadcast.

| Mnet

Hiring a translator to make sure Korean, Japanese, and English speaking fans could understand her, 21-year-old Su Ruiqi proved she still hasn’t lost her spark during the stream. When it came to discussing her future, she stated emphatically, “I will never give up my dream.”

| @sury_777/Instagram

Ruiqi went on to say she’ll do her best to continue performing, adding, “Maybe it’s a group, maybe it’s solo.” While many fans wondered if she’d return to singing alone, it seems Ruiqi is still open to making another girl group debut.

I will never give up my dream. I will not give up my dream, and I will do my best to perform. Maybe it’s a group, maybe it’s solo, but I will do my best when I perform.

— Su Ruiqi

It’s been quite a while since Chic Chili last released music together, leading many to presume the group will remain inactive indefinitely. As such, it’s possible Ruiqi could try her hand at yet another survival show to find the girl group for her. Alongside the girl group version of I-LAND airing next year, there are likely to be plenty more Korean audition shows to try out for in the near future.

Plus, there’s also the possibility of Ruiqi getting signed to a Korean label. She made her return to China earlier this week with a sweet send-off from fans at the airport, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t return. In fact, it’s not totally uncommon for popular foreign survival show finalists to receive training contracts at K-Pop agencies. Produce 48‘s Takeuchi Miyu, for example, joined MYSTIC Story after the show, while Takahashi Juri joined Woollim Entertainment and debuted in Rocket Punch.

Rocket Punch’s Juri | Woollim Entertainment

In any case, Su Ruiqi fans can rejoice knowing she’ll definitely continue pursuing music, no matter how that comes to fruition.

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