The Braless Church Service Scene — “The Glory” Actress Reveals The Truth Behind It

“It was a bit embarrassing…”

An actress from Netflix‘s The Glory shared behind-the-scenes facts about a shocking scene.

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The Glory is about a woman named Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo), who devotes her life to getting revenge on her high school bullies. Among the perpetrators is Choi Hye Jeong, the least wealthy one, who often gets told by the other perpetrators that she could easily be their next victim. Choi Hye Jeong is played by actress Song Ji Woo, and in a recent interview, she shared some insight into the scenes she filmed.

Song Ji Woo as Choi Hye Jeong in The Glory | Netflix

First, she talked about getting into character—from her outer appearance to her character’s feelings.

I put on fake bangs, put on eyeliner, and wore circle lens. I wanted to make her character appear real, and the makeup team helped me a lot. I even bought a headband at an underground shopping mall. It wasn’t easy to understand my character, but I thought about why Hye Jeong would act like this. There is a line in the show that says, “If it wasn’t Dong Eun, it would be you,” and I acted with that line in mind.

— Song Ji Woo

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She also shared how difficult it was to act as a bully, especially when she had to hurt Dong Eun.

I analyzed my character and prepared a lot. It was hard to film the scenes where we hurt the victim. I had to hold on to Dong Eun, but I felt like if it would hurt her if I held her too hard, so I was conflicted.

— Song Ji Woo

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The young actress also revealed something about the scene where she and Yeon Jin go to their friend Lee Sara’s dad’s church, where he is the pastor. They attend a church service braless, wearing thin white shirts to ruin the service and ensure her dad stops inviting them to come out to church.

Regarding this scene, Song Ji Woo said she was a bit embarrassed at first but felt better. They talked about the scene in advance with the production team, who made sure to check if they were okay with filming this scene. She also revealed that the production team gave them fake breast-like models to put on under the shirts, so it wasn’t really their bodies.

This is a scene that we talked about in advance. We are young in the show, but in reality, we are actually not that young. (Laughs) We wore fake models while filming this scene because the production team was considerate of the actors.

— Song Ji Woo

This wasn’t the only time Song Ji Woo had to film an uncomfortable scene. She had to film a scene where she lures a gym teacher and makes out with him to steal his keys to the gymnasium secretly—a scene she says was necessary.

Despite having to film some uncomfortable scenes, Song Ji Woo did her best with her ability to dive into her character’s shoes, and with the consideration and help of the production team.

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