“The Glory” Actress Reveals What The Kiss Scene With The Gym Teacher Really Means

It was more than just a kiss.

An actress from Netflix‘s The Glory expressed her thoughts on the unprecedented kiss scene with the gym teacher.

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Actress Song Ji Woo played the younger counterpart of Choi Hye Jeong, a member of the perpetrator group of friends who bully and abuse Moon Dong Eun, the protagonist. One of her scenes includes luring her gym teacher to steal the keys to the gymnasium, where they harassed their victims.

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Although this scene is brief, Song Ji Woo stated that it was an intimidating scene to film but a necessary one.

It was intimidating at first because it was my first time filming such an intense kiss scene. But I believed it was a necessary scene for Hye Jeong’s character, so it was okay.

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She also stated that it was challenging to film the scene, but the crew ensured she was comfortable while filming it.

The director tried his best to film the scene quickly so it didn’t take long. I had to show the label “Gym” on the keys but it kept rotating so we couldn’t film it in one go.

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Song Ji Woo then discussed why this scene was necessary for Hye Jeong’s character, who is considered to be in a lower rank than her friends due to her less wealthy family.

Hye Jeong is in a lower rank, so she takes the lead and brings Dong Eun to her friends in order to get their approval. I think this scene of stealing the key from the gym teacher was necessary for Hye Jeong to show her friends the capabilities of what she is able to do.

Hye Jeong wanted to fit in with her friends so much that she was willing to do whatever it takes to impress them or get their approval.

Despite it being her first time filming a scene like this, she did a great job of portraying the desperate need for clout and status of Hye Jeong’s younger self through this scene.


Source: SpoTV News

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