“The Glory” Season 2 Is Coming Up And Netizens Have A Highly Convincing Theory About The Finale

Here’s what fans think will happen.

The Glory is gearing up for the launch of the second season on March 10, 2023. With the huge global success of the first season, fans were upset when they were made to wait almost three months for their next dose of the addictive revenge flick. With the release of the trailer for season two, netizens try to put two and two together to predict the plot for the upcoming season.

1. The appearance of Dong Eun’s mother

We get a glimpse of Dong Eun’s mom in the preview. Her hair is a new, shocking orange. In the flashbacks in season one, we know that she betrayed Dong Eun for money. Predictably, she will be a key player in season two as Dong Eun’s enemies will be able to bribe her easily to bring Dong Eun down.

2. The odd link to the shaman

Yeon Jin’s mother has a mystery safe where she keeps multiple talismans. In season one, the role of the shaman is minimal, as she only advises Yeon Jin to stay away from certain things like people with the letter “O” in their names. This time, the preview shows a safe of documents, gold bars, and talismans. Some of the talismans indicate a benefactor and success in business. How has Yeon Jin’s mother been making use of the shaman’s powers? There’s also a secondary safe in the secret locker. It is predicted that this is the secret she hides.

3. Sa Ra’s hair

Sa Ra’s hair is suddenly bleached pale. This is a common tactic used to avoid testing positive for drugs. It is predicted that the police would have started investigations after Myung Ho’s disappearance. The sales of drugs would be tracked to Sa Ra, hence the preventative measure. The scene has Sa Ra tackled to the ground amidst camera flashes. This might mean that the police finally capture her.

4. The mystery of Yoon So Hee’s death

Dong Eun appears rattled, as if she has made a misstep or a wrong guess about something.

Perhaps instead of Yeon Jin having been the one who killed Yoon So Hee, it might have been someone else. We flashback to the scene of her death, where it can be seen that it is a manly figure that falls, not Yeon Jin.

5. A plastic surgery revenge?

We see Yeo Jung get ready to operate. We know he is a plastic surgeon.

But the patient on the bed is, surprisingly, Yeon Jin.

But from both of their attire, it doesn’t seem to be a serious surgery. He is not wearing a mask or cap, nor is she prepped for surgery. The small needle could indicate a simple procedure like botox or anti-inflammatory medicines.

A wild guess from the theory suggests that to end the series, Dong Eun may burn Yeon Jin up in flames and damages her skin so much that people think she is Dong Eun. On the other hand, Dong Eun might receive plastic surgery from Yeo Jeong to look like Yeon Jin, made possible after Yeo Jeong has closely observed Yeon Jin’s face through her visits as a patient.

If this falls into place, it would line up with the famous line in the show, “From today, my dream is you, Park Yeon Jin.” With that, the theory predicts that Dong Eun will change lives with her bully and live happily ever after.

Source: YouTube

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