Go Eun Ah Exposes Past Agency For Hitting Her With A Baseball Bat As Punishment

“I felt like my skull cracked. I almost passed out with my eyes open.”

Mir recently uploaded a new YouTube video talking to his actress sister, Go Eun Ah, who exposed what her past agency did to her with a baseball bat.

Go Eun Ah shared that she debuted as an actress at 17 years old, and an inappropriate scandal took place at the agency she was with at the time.

Within my agency at the time, a rumor about me and a sunbae of mine started going around.

— Go Eun Ah

She explained that she went to the movies with her female stylist one day and that her agency was misinformed about it.

After filming, I went to the movies with my female stylist. But someone reported to my agency that I went with a man, so I ended up getting caught at the theater.

— Go Eun Ah

According to Go Eun Ah, the agency immediately dispatched managers to close off the theatre and when they caught Go Eun Ah, they went through her bag and phone.

Meanwhile, her stylist ran away and left Go Eun Ah there alone.

An agency employee went through my phone and then hit my head with a baseball bat that he had beside him.

— Go Eun Ah

I felt like my skull cracked. I almost passed out with my eyes open. But I didn’t do anything wrong, so instead of crying, I clenched back on my teeth. He told me to lay on the ground and hit the back of my thigh with the bat.

— Go Eun Ah

That’s not all. The agency then called Go Eun Ah’s mother, which led to her involvement in the issue.

My agency called my mother, and my mother went there and kneeled in the office. But because I wouldn’t cry or apologize, the CEO looked down on both of us and told me to rest forever.

— Go Eun Ah

After the incident, the agency monitored her even closer by checking her apartment’s CCTV cameras every single week.

But Go Eun Ah clarified that this was her old agency and that the current agencies are much better.

The current agencies don’t put that kind of pressure on people. I’ve overcome it.

— Go Eun Ah

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