Go Eun Ah Exposes Fellow Actresses Who Bullied Her and Stole Her Dress

She revealed all on her brother, Mir’s YouTube channel.

Go Eun Ah recently appeared on her brother, Mir‘s YouTube channel to expose the fellow actresses who bullied her and stole her dress at a film event.

She first talked about Ms. A, whom she worked with on the set of a movie.

Go Eun Ah explained that one day, the cast and staff stopped eating with her and stared at her whenever she was around.

The staff started avoiding me during meal times and even the actors and younger staff stared at me whenever I arrived.

– Go Eun Ah

When she asked a staff member about it in tears, she found out that Ms. A had been spreading bad rumors about her to the actors, who later told the staff.

She first told the other actors, and those actors told the staff, who naturally believed it because the rumors came from the actors.

– Go Eun Ah

Go Eun Ah added why she thinks Ms. A did what she did and that she never received an apology.

I think she did it out of jealousy because I was more vibrant than the more experienced actresses on set, so I got a lot of attention. I never got an apology from her.

– Go Eun Ah

Furthermore, Go Eun Ah shared a story about another more experienced actress who stole her dress at a film event.

I once prepared an altered dress and brought it to a film event. But the more experienced actress who I went with stole it from me. She wore it instead and was named “best dressed”.

– Go Eun Ah

According to Go Eun Ah, the more experienced actress doesn’t even remember what she did.

Only the victim remembers. She still calls my name and talks to me. When I casually mentioned the incident, she said she didn’t remember. All rookie actresses go through similar experiences.

– Go Eun Ah

Fans are so curious about who Ms. A and the more experienced actress could be that Go Eun Ah’s name is currently trending in online portals.

Check out the full reveal below:

Source: Insight