Go Joon Hee Claims Hairstyle Is The Key To Beauty, Photos of Herself Are Proof

Go Joon Hee makes the saying “The key to a beautiful hairstyle is a beautiful face” a matter of fact—each time she cuts her hair, she becomes that much more beautiful.

In the beginning, her hair was long and luscious, and she wowed everyone while on the red carpet.

On television and in films, Go Joon Hee’s long-haired beauty constantly turned heads.

Then, in a bold move, she cut her hair short and started what could be called the “Go Joon Hee Short Hair Syndrome”.

She didn’t stick to a single style but explored different possibilities and made her fans’ hearts beat a little faster with each new look.

Even her sexiness seemed to increase as the length of her hair decreased as some of the most beautiful and sexy of Go Joon Hee’s photoshoots show her with short hair.

12 Of Go Joon Hee’s Most Sexual Photoshoots

Then Go Joon Hee really changed the game by getting a pixie cut and reaching a whole new level of beauty.

The style of haircut perfectly framed her already famous neckline.

She somehow managed to maintain her signature grace and an aura of dignity while adopting a new look that allows for a whole new range of creative styles!

At this point, it’s impossible to think that she will become even more beautiful but, then again, she always manages to!

Source: Insight

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