SEVENTEEN’s Editors Cause Laughter By Creatively Fixing Woozi’s Mistake

“[GOING SEVENTEEN] editors are full-time comedians.”

SEVENTEEN aren’t the only ones causing laughter from their GOING SEVENTEEN series. The editors came up with a humorous way to fix Woozi‘s mistake that had viewers loving it.

Woozi | @pledis_17/Twitter

Since Jeonghan had a question about their race, Woozi stepped in to clarify the rules. He said, “After we finish the first match, the six qualifiers will jump on one foot.” He then explained how the second race would go but made a small mistake the editors creatively fixed.

Woozi mistakenly said the final race would take place with only two members instead of three. Since the editors couldn’t change his words to fix it, they did something much funnier.

Because Woozi had held up two fingers when explaining, the editors hilariously added another one of his fingers to make it appear as three.

Noticing the funny moment, viewers couldn’t help praising the GOING SEVENTEEN editors for their humor and editing it so well that it looked natural enough for some viewers to miss it.

Between SEVENTEEN and their editors, everyone who’s part of GOING SEVENTEEN can hold their own in the humor department.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s editors being just as funny behind the camera.