Golden Child’s Choi Bomin Stuns Fans with Upgraded Visuals upon His Return as an Idol

Is he even real?

Golden Child recently performed at a commemorative concert in Sinchon for their new album, and aside from their spectacular performance, Choi Bomin stole the spotlight with his stunning visuals.



Choi Bomin graced the stage with a look that reminded many of The Phantom of the Opera.



And when he threw off the mask he was wearing, fans were stunned by how handsome he looked.


He seemed to have lost weight since his appearance on tvN’s Melting Me Softly


And his all-black outfit along with his black hair made his visuals stand out that much more.

Choi Bomin has always been a stunner whether he was acting or singing…

But upon his most recent return as an idol…

He truly looked breathtaking.



Source: Insight