Golden Child’s Seungmin and Jaehyun Accidentally Mention A C*ndom Brand On Broadcast In A Hilarious Moment

It’s a common mistake!

Golden Child‘s Seungmin and Jaehyun took to a live stream on the 15th of July to chat with fans. During the live stream, they discussed what Marvel characters each member had a resemblance to, but they made an adorable mistake while chatting about it.

Seungmin mentioned that fellow member, Jibeom, would look like this particular character, Drax. However, being unfamiliar with the name, he accidentally referred to it as Durex instead. Durex, as one might know, is a well-known brand of c*ndoms.

Not knowing his mistake, he continued to reiterate that Jibeom really suited the character.

Drax and Durex, well, it does seem pretty similar so it’s understandable.

The two even cutely argued over the characters that Jibeom looked like, between Thor and Drax.

Good thing that their manager was monitoring the live stream – he immediately contacted the members to let them know of their little slip-up.

Their reactions when they realized their mistake was priceless.

Seungmin had a total mental breakdown at the situation, while Jaehyun practically yeeted out of the frame.

Seungmin hastily corrected his slip of tongue.

What made the situation even funnier was that the boys probably still did not know why their mistake was a funny one. He even asked if Durex was a brand of batteries, confusing it with Duracell.

While we don’t know if the manager told them the real reason for panic, netizens and fans found the entire thing both adorable and hilarious, even asking them to upload the rerun on their live stream account. For live streams, it is common that reruns are not uploaded if there are any mistakes, minor or not, made on air.

If you’re not yet convinced to stan these cute dorks yet, take a moment to listen to their latest comeback with “ONE”.

Source: PANN