Golden Child’s Jangjun Asked ENHYPEN’s Sunoo On A Date Not Once—But Twice

Jangjun really wants Sunoo as a friend 😂

TWICE‘s Tzuyu and former CLC member Elkie aren’t the only idols who go on cute dates together. When ENHYPEN appeared on Melon Station‘s SSAP Possible, the idols had such a great time that it sparked a new friendship between Sunoo and Golden Child‘s Jangjun.

AB6IX’s Woong and Golden Child’s Jangjun.

Between the choice of seeing ghosts or having the ghost only look at him, Sunoo chose the latter because he thought “it’ll be funny,” especially when watching a scary movie.

As the host, Jangjun naturally asked, “Do you watch a lot of scary movies?” Sunoo confirmed that he did, which prompted Jangjun to shoot his shot.

Jangjun pointed out how they both enjoy spooky things and told Sunoo what they could do for their first outing as friends.

I like listening to scary stories before going to bed. Let’s watch a scary movie together later on.

— Jangjun

The sudden invitation caused Sunoo to burst into laughter, along with the rest of ENHYPEN. Even host AB6IX‘s Woong commented on how straightforward Jangjun was. That wasn’t the only time Jangjun adorably tried to make plans with Sunoo, though.

On the radio cut of the episode, Jangjun asked Sunoo to join him for a ride at the amusement park, which cracked everyone up once again for his boldness and eagerness to make Sunoo his friend. The back and forth between Jangjun and Woong made it even funnier for ENHYPEN.

Jangjun: Have you tried the Atlantis ride in Jamsil (Seoul)?

Sunoo: No, because I haven’t been to that park too many times.

Jangjun: Ah, I see, I see.

Sunoo: I’m yet to try that one.

Jangjun: You should come with me next time, we’ll ride it together. (Everyone laughs.)

Woong: Why would he, though? (Everyone laughs.)

Jangjun: Why not? We absolutely could!

Woong: Umm no, that’s weird?!

Jangjun: IT’S NOT WEIRD.

Woong: It’s definitely weird.

Since both Woong and Jangjun kept commenting on how “cute” Sunoo was and loved his bubbly personality, no wonder Jangjun couldn’t pass up the chance to be his friend.


Maybe Sunoo and Jangjun will go on those dates and become the next idol friendship that fans adore. See Jangjun trying to shoot his shot to become friends with Sunoo here.

Source: Twitter