Golden Child’s Jangjun Reveals Why Woollim Entertainment Banned Him From Exercising

Typically, companies would want them to do the opposite.

When it comes to physical activities, Golden Child is a group to be reckoned with. In the years they’ve attended the Idol Star Athletics Championships, they’ve taken home over thirty medals.

Out of those medals, Jangjun has been the member to win the most, snatching up ten of them. While these are amazing accomplishments, he revealed that Woollim Entertainment has actually banned him from doing what helped him win.

Through MBC‘s South Korean Foreigners, artists from Woollim Entertainment appeared as guests: INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, Lovelyz‘s Mijoo, Rocket Punch‘s Sohee, and Jangjun. Knowing that idols are often prevented from doing certain things, the hosts asked what their company banned them from doing.

Shocking everyone, Jangjun announced, “The company prohibits me from exercising.” Because companies would typically want their idols to stay in shape, they wanted to know the reason behind it.

It turned out that Jangjun had become so muscular from exercising that he was literally bursting out of his own stage outfits. Making most of the female staff blush, he admitted, “I [ruined] my clothes because I work out too much.”

With massive arm muscles like these, it’s easy to picture how Jangjun could rip a few seams in his shirts. Considering he most likely has muscular legs to match, his pants could become tight enough to split down the middle as well.

Even though Goldenness react like Donghyun upon seeing Jangjun’s eight-pack, they may not catch any more glances of it thanks to Woollim Entertainment banning him from exercising.

Watch Jangjun surprised everyone with the odd but understandable ban the company placed on him here.