The “Milk Or Cereal First” Debate Did NOT Account For Golden Child Joochan’s Unique Way Of Eating Cereal


While there are plenty of topics that get divided opinions, one of the most debated is whether milk or cereal belongs in the bowl first. The debate, however, didn’t account for Golden Child Joochan‘s very unique way of eating cereal.

Joochan first shared his…umm…creative way of eating cereal all the way back in November 2018 and absolutely nobody has been able to forget it since. It all started when Joochan shared a clip to Golden Child’s official Twitter showcasing his ability to enjoy cereal without the bowl. Yes, you read that right; without the bowl.

I don’t have a bowl, but I really want to eat cereal..!!! feat. Joochan

Since Joochan didn’t have a bowl but still had a serious craving for cereal, he opted to take a big gulp of milk first…

Before quickly sprinkling some cereal in his mouth to complete the snack.

Ever since Joochan shared the #NoBowlRequired meal, the topic has made regular reappearances with many fans hilariously pointing out that there’s the “milk vs. cereal” debate and then there’s Joochan!

Regardless of you’re preferred way to eat cereal, you’ve got to give some major props to Joochan and his unique no bowl method!