The Song You Were Probably Addicted To In Your Childhood But Never Knew It Came From BigHit Entertainment

Did you know this?

10 years ago was what many would call the golden years of “original K-Pop”, when music was distinctive and had lesser pop and R&B elements. Current K-Pop music sounds modern and trendy, appealing to the general public and a global audience. But the early 2010s were where many recognizable K-Pop bops were released.

Back in 2011, a new diva stepped onto the scene. While Lim Jeonghee debuted in 2005 under JYP Entertainment, she did not take off until 2011 when she released her hit song, “Golden Lady”. This came after she left the company and joined another one. Most of the older K-Pop fans would definitely remember this bop! Not only did it have a great buildup and hook, the addictive melody showed off her vocals. It also featured a rap by HyunA and a music video feature by G.NA.

However, not many know that the song was actually released under BigHit Entertainment. After the establishment of HYBE Labels, the official YouTube channel name changed accordingly but the original date of release still remains at 2011. This diva was a gem under the amazing producer Bang Si Hyuk as well!

Sadly, Lim Jeonghee left the label in 2015. It’s amazing to see what gems BigHit Entertainment discovered back in the day. Looks like their great taste in music didn’t go anywhere! Make sure to give the song a listen.