Gong Hyo Jin Begs a Fan Account to Stop Posting Old Videos of Her

Netizens have mixed reactions about Gong Hyo Jin’s comment.

A fan account of Gong Hyo Jin recently posted a clip of the drama, Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School from 2003, but Gong Hyo Jin begged the fan account to stop posting old videos of her, sparking an online controversy.

I’m begging you. Can you please stop posting clips from my old dramas? Please.

– Gong Hyo Jin

The fan account has been known to post lots of content related to the actress out of good intent.

But in response to the unexpected comment, the owner of the account responded in a calm manner.

Sure, Ms. Gong Hyo Jin. I won’t do that anymore. Thank you.

– Fan Account

And when another fan commented that they were jealous that Gong Hyo Jin herself responded to their post, the owner of the account simply expressed their sadness.

Wow… But you got a response. I’m kind of jealous.

– Netizen

I’m actually pretty sad.

– Fan Account


When this interaction got out, many netizens began criticizing Gong Hyo Jin for restricting fan accounts without a particular reason.

At the same time, other netizens are expressing the possibility that Gong Hyo Jin might have been following the account for a while and that she felt great discomfort.


Source: Dispatch