Gong Hyo Jin Reveals Gong Yoo’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Gong Hyo Jin recently attended Gong Yoo‘s fan meeting in Hong Kong and revealed what she thinks are his strengths and weaknesses.

Gong Yoo held a very successful fan meeting in Hong Kong early this month, where Gong Hyo Jin was invited as a special guest.

Having been friends and labelmates for quite a while, Gong Hyo Jin described what Gong Yoo was like to the thousands of fans in attendance. Her description helped in giving fans, a  glimpse into what his strengths and weaknesses were.

She first started off with Gong Yoo’s strengths, describing him as being a romantic, frugal, and honest.

“As you all know, Gong Yoo is very famous for being handsome. Just as you imaged, he knows how to protect women and he’s quite romantic. Also, he’s very frugal. When he drinks alcohol, he’s really cute.”

— Gong Hyo Jin

She was then asked to choose the biggest strength and weakness Gong Yoo had, to which she answered:

“If I were to choose a weakness, it would be that he’s sensitive, and the biggest strength I think is that he listens to other people really well. Even more importantly, he listens to both women and men very well. But he isn’t very good at making friends with a lot of people, so he gives off these ‘limited edition’ vibes.”

— Gong Hyo Jin

Watch the video here (from 8:55)!