Gong Yoo Actually Predicted IU’s Successful Career The First Time They Met

He knew she’d be popular!

On the latest episode of IU’s Palette video series, she brought in a guest star that none of us could have expected: legendary actor Gong Yoo!

He was incredibly excited to be the guest star, immediately recalling the first time the two of them had met.

“I’m not sure if she remembers, but we met a long time ago,” explained Gong Yoo. “I heard she’s an MC, so I came here at once. I just missed her so much, it’s nice to be here.”

Of course IU remembered their meeting–she even remembered the exact date, and had an audio clip of Gong Yoo introducing her!

“It was back on July 21, 2009,” she told him with a laugh. “It’s been 10 years.”

“I remember you as a very confident teenager,” said the actor. “You were a rising star.”

IU then went on to tell a story about how Gong Yoo had actually predicted her successful career. He knew since the start that she would become a household name!

I was super energetic at the time, I remember having a very fun time back then. It was cool how I got to see Gong Yoo. I wasn’t a famous singer back then. It’s just when I was getting more known. You said you liked how I sang with the guitar and said, “In 10 years, you’ll become a well-known composer or singer-songwriter.” You told me that like a prediction. So after that I came to write many songs and lyrics as well, which was very cool. You definitely have… An intuition. You told me so many good things and they came true… So I remember that moment very clearly.


Gong Yoo, however, was very humble about it, saying that it was obvious that she would be successful in her music career.

“I’m sure all of those who you liked you since you debuted knew that you will become very popular,” he said.

It’s obvious that IU is naturally talented, and combined with her hardworking attitude, it should come as no surprise that Gong Yoo’s prediction came true!

You can watch the two of them reminisce and talk about IU’s latest album, LILAC, in the video below.

Source: YouTube