ICYMI, Here’s Gong Yoo Flexing His A+ Visual On Lee Dong Wook’s Show

Let the man flex, his face deserves it.

On actor Lee Dong Wook‘s brand new talk show Because I Want To Talk, his Goblin best friend Gong Yoo appeared and blessed the premiering episode (And we all related a million times and more to comedian Jang Do Yeon’s reaction to his impeccable visual).


When Lee Dong Wook asked Gong Yoo about what “charm” helps him become so beloved by the Korean viewers, Gong Yoo started off in all humility…

I would cautiously guess that the viewers find some sincerity in the way I treat my work…

— Gong Yoo


… but no one wanted to buy that version.

I almost fell asleep listening to that!

— Jang Do Yeon


So then Gong Yoo playfully engaged his full-flexing mode…

I mean, there is so much to praise about myself that I’ll have to think about this one for a bit.

— Gong Yoo


… and revealed the actual reasons the world goes wild for Gong Yoo! He first flexed about what is an undeniable fact:

Well, I’m damn good-looking.

— Gong Yoo


Then Gong Yoo also boasted that his gorgeousness is what actually makes his outfits shine!

Oh, and my outfits look good because I’m the one wearing them.

— Gong Yoo


Viewers got a good laugh out of Gong Yoo’s shameless self-absorbed flexing session — plus, they couldn’t find a single thing to complain about…


… as everything Gong Yoo claimed about himself is really the truth and the only truth!

Watch the full clip here: