Gong Yoo Declares His Ideal Type to Be a “Cat-Like” Woman

Gong Yoo is looking for a woman with the tendencies of a cat.

Gong Yoo is understandably the dream man of many fans all over the world.

And for that simple reason, the topic of Gong Yoo’s ideal type has been a neverending question in online communities.

The revelation that recently resurfaced is from an interview that Gong Yoo participated in with The Fact back in 2017.

In the middle of talking about love and dating, Gong Yoo confidently revealed with ideal type.

I like women who have the tendencies of a cat.

– Gong Yoo

He elaborated on his unique answer further by explaining what characteristic of a cat he was looking for in a woman.

Rather than a woman who relies on the other person, I like a proactive woman who knows how to do things for herself.

– Gong Yoo

In a following interview with MBC’s Section TV, Gong Yoo revealed another characteristic he’s looking for in a woman.

I like a woman that I can feel comfortable around.

– Gong Yoo

Fans are responding to this revelation with comments such as “He’s talking about me“, “I can be a cat!“, and “I’d better start being comfortable to be around from now on“.

A comfortable cat, huh?

That’s not too much to ask, right?

Source: Insight