Gong Yoo Once Appeared on “Love on the Air” to Claim His High School Crush

But it didn’t work out for him.

Past footage of Gong Yoo‘s appearance on KBS’s  Love on the Air 18 years ago has resurfaced in online communities.

In contrast to his now charismatic charms, Gong Yoo, who was only in his early 20s at the time, looked shy and hesitant on the show.

At the time, Gong Yoo appeared on the show to find his first crush.

Although his style at the time is no longer the trend, he still managed to show off his impressive stature and handsome facial features.

What many netizens couldn’t help but notice was how Gong Yoo’s face turned red as soon as he was faced with his first love from high school.

He reached out his hand in hopes of claiming his unfulfilled love, but the woman was unable to return his feelings, making many laugh to this day.

The reason being, she already had a boyfriend.

His attempt to grab a hold of his high school crush might not have worked out, but at least he’s now one of the most desired men in the world of the Korean entertainment industry!

Check out Gong Yoo’s full appearance on Love on the Air below:

Source: Insight