Goo Ho In Describes the Goo Hara He Knew and Loved Prior to Her Passing

Goo Ho In remembered his sister, Goo Hara in a recent documentary and interview.

Goo Hara‘s brother, Goo Ho In appeared in the most recent episode of MBC’s Real-Life Expedition where he opened up about the Goo Hara that he knew and loved as well as the regrets he has.

The show gave viewers an inside look into Goo Hara and Goo Ho In’s childhood without their mother, and the loneliness and craving for love that caused in Goo Hara’s adult years.

In one past interview, Goo Hara was asked when she was the most lonely, and she answered that she was never lonely.

When am I lonely? …I’m never lonely.

– Goo Hara

Regarding the footage, Goo Ho In described the kind of person Goo Hara was.

She always pretended to be just fine with nothing wrong. She was always that girl that smiled. But on the inside, she was always crying.

– Goo Ho In

The producers then showed Goo Ho In the footage that was widely shared all over the internet, which showed Goo Hara crying on TV after seeing her brother on stage in a military uniform.

After seeing the footage again, Goo Ho In expressed his longing for his late sister as well as regret.

I remember that. My heart aches. I feel like I should’ve been better to my little sister. Even if I want to see her now, I can’t…

– Goo Ho In

Goo Ho In is currently fighting to keep their biological mother from taking Goo Hara’s inheritance despite having abandoned them when they were little.

I feel like if the inheritance goes to our birth mother, I won’t be able to live on this earth anymore.

– Goo Ho In

He is currently pushing for the “Goo Hara Act”, which is an effort to make a parent who failed to properly protect their direct descendant and fulfill their duties as caregiver ineligible for inheritance.

Goo Hara’s Brother Submits a Legislative Petition to Enact the “Goo Hara Act”

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