Goo Hye Sun Is Still Living Off Of The Money She Made In “Boys Over Flowers”

That was 13 years ago!

Actress Goo Hye Sun made an appearance on KBS Radio’s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show where she made a shocking revelation about her finances.

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On the show, Goo Hye Sun gave the listeners a summary of what’s she’s been doing these days in terms of her career.

I make New Age music, and I write. I also direct, which allows me to do all of that.

— Goo Hye Sun

When asked about why she does so many different things, Goo Hye Sun stressed that in order to master something, one must know many different specialties.

Before you major in something at school, you have to take 12 different courses. I think you have to know everything to specialize in one thing. Just like how you need to know about both coffee and interior when opening a cafe, I think I have to grasp multiple things to master something.

— Goo Hye Sun

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And her plan for the future is to put her skills to the test.

I want to put out my music or show people something new in the theater.

— Goo Hye Sun

But what gained particular attention was when Goo Hye Sun was asked about her monthly earnings.

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So Goo Hye Sun gave listeners a rough idea of how it is for actors.

If you work for a month, you can do whatever you want for a year. After filming ‘Boys Over Flowers’, I was able to do whatever I wanted for a really long time, but it’s now time for me to look for another project.

— Goo Hye Sun

This led Park Myung Soo to ask Goo Hye Sun what many were wondering.

Does that mean you’ve been living off of what you made in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ until now?

— Park Myung Soo

And believe it or not, she was!

That’s right. I am.

— Goo Hye Sun

The legendary drama, Boys Over Flowers came out 13 years ago back in 2009.

We all knew it was a huge success, but we apparently don’t know half of just how big of a hit it was!

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