Gordon Ramsay Slams BTS’s Cooking… For The Second Time

For the love of jajjangmyeon, Gordon, leave BTS alone!

Chef Gordon Ramsay has taken his BTS leftovers out of the fridge and nuked them in the microwave, because one good roasting deserves another!


Countless cooks have fallen victim to Gordon Ramsay’s spicy personality and scathing criticism, including BTS’s resident chef, Jin. Last year, Gordon Ramsay’s critique burned Jin’s Jajangmyeon to a crisp.

A fan, posing as Jin’s girlfriend, uploaded this set of pictures to get Gordon Ramsay’s opinion on Jin’s cooking skills.


Gordon Ramsay called Jin’s noodle dish “overcooked eggs with worms”, not realizing that Jin is a Korean celebrity.

Even if he had known, it may not have made a difference. Chef Ramsay is not one to mince words!


Now, Chef Ramsay has attacked BTS’s culinary skills a second time by “critiquing” this meal from BTS’s debut days.

A fan claimed she had made this simple cheese and egg dish for her mother…because A.R.M.Y. just loves to troll!


Gordon Ramsay responded in his typical tactful fashion.


BTS fans are having a field day with his critique. They have jokingly told the pro chef to lay off BTS’s amateur cooking.


After all, BTS was still a rookie group when they made this dish!


Other fans have wondered what Gordon Ramsay would say about some of BTS’s other questionable cooking attempts, like Jungkook‘s glazed potatoes.


This latest BTS roasting comes just days after Gordon Ramsay flambéed Mark (NCT) for failing to cook eggs. 


When a NCTzen, posing as Mark’s girlfriend, tweeted the above photo, Gordon Ramsay advised her to go back on Tinder to find a new boyfriend!

Poor Mark!


The chef also roasted Hun (N Flying) after a fan tweeted Hun’s Halloween-themed, pumpkin pasta dish.


Although Gordan Ramsay’s “attacks” on these K-Celebs may have been unintentional, the chef may be becoming more aware of Hallyu culture now that he is a sponsor for Cass (a popular Korean beer brand under the Oriental Brewery umbrella).


Which K-Pop star will face this chef’s fire next?