GOT7’s Jay B Once Cried In Front Of 2PM’s Nichkhun, Here’s What Happened

Nichkhun also spoke about the “rumors” regarding this incident.

2PM‘s Nichkhun has a great relationship with GOT7, and there was a time when he heartwarmingly looked out for Jay B (formerly known as JB).

2PM’s Nichkhun

GOT7’s Jay B

Nichkhun once did a brief Q&A with Day6‘s Jae, and one of the questions asked was, “What did he (Nichkhun) tell JB for about one or two hours at the company’s dinner after NATION.” Nichkhun shared that he was having a talk with Jay B, asking him if he was dealing with anything, and Jay B ended up crying during their talk.

Well, I didn’t make him cry. He cried while I was talking. I tend to sit people down and talk to them about their problems that they’re having. I always ask them, ‘What are you going through? Do you need a person to talk to?’

— Nichkhun

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At the time, Jay B was having a hard time as GOT7’s leader, and Nichkhun gave him some advice.

Jay B was having kind of a crisis with him being the leader. He wants everyone in the group to be happy and to have good teamwork. I talked to him about what we (2PM) went through and how to be a hyung

— Nichkhun

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Nichkhun then firmly said that he did not hit or curse at Jay B, and Jae burst with laughter. Jae then laughingly said that this is “what everyone assumed,” and Nichkhun had a shocked reaction.

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In the end, Nichkhun wanted Jay B to be more confident and let him know that he was doing a great job as GOT7’s leader.

He’s (Jay B) a good kid. I just wanted him to be more confident in himself because he’s already doing well for himself and the group.

— Nichkhun

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