Two Stars Who Worked With GOT7’s BamBam Revealed Just How Nice And Humble He Really Is

“BamBam is so nice. I was blown away.”

GOT7‘s BamBam has stolen many, many, many hearts over the years not only with his talent and skills on stage but also with his playful, kind, and down to earth personality. While there are plenty of examples of his chill and humble nature, Alberto Mondi and Andreas Varsakopoulas recently opened up about the first time they met BamBam and how his first impression has stuck with them to this day.

On a recent episode of Two Europeans in Korea, the two television and radio personalities were asked about the craziest story they had from TV. After a brief moment of thought, Andreas and Alberto revealed there was one particular story that they remember well.

Their story begins back in 2016 when BamBam appeared as a new cast member on the show Where Is My Friend’s Home (also known as The Homecoming) with Andreas and Alberto. Before they took off to film in Thailand, Alberto revealed that BamBam had gone to the producers and very politely told them that he was “a little bit famous” there.

| Two Europeans in Korea/YouTube 

The funny thing is BamBam is like super famous and a super nice guy as well. At the time he was like 19-years-old, the youngest in the group, and before leaving for Thailand he called the producers and he said in a very polite way, ‘Oh, I am a little bit famous in Thailand. People know me a little bit.’

— Alberto

The cast and crew soon found out that BamBam was more than a little humble with his words because from the moment they arrived they were surrounded by fans! Even the security guards wanted to snap pictures of BamBam.

| Two Europeans in Korea/YouTube

We get to the airport. The doors open and we are mauled. Not only by hundreds…I mean thousands of people. The airplane staff were taking photos. Even the bodyguards, while they were blocking people, were taking selfies. I mean it was incredible. Mindblowing!

— Andreas

While Alberto and Andreas were amazed by the sheer number of fans who came out to see BamBam, they were also blown away by how BamBam interacted with all his fans.

And it was incredible, his patience too. Because I would have lost my brain! But he was very patient and he would even talk to them on a friendly basis, you know? BamBam is so nice. Yeah, I was just blown away.

— Andreas and Alberto

BamBam really is the sweetest, kindest, and most down to earth person! Find out what else happened when Alberto and Andreas met BamBam for the first time below: