GOT7’s BamBam Brought Back His Iconic White Hair And The Whole Fandom Is Freaking Out

Ahgase are hyped for more than one reason:

Although Ahgase aren’t strangers to seeing GOT7‘s BamBam rock all sorts of fabulous hair colors and cuts, BamBam was recently spotted going back to pure white and it’s causing the whole fandom to go wild for more than one reason!

On March 3, Sanook, a Thai language web portal and news website, revealed BamBam had been nominated for the JMTA 2020 Social Superstar award. Along with their announcement, they also included a video of BamBam delivering the exciting news and letting fans know a little more about the award.

While fans were absolutely ecstatic to hear BamBam had been nominated for the award, they were also extremely excited to see BamBam’s new hair! While BamBam has been rocking his natural black for a while now but now he’s gone pure white!

This isn’t the first time Ahgase have seen BamBam with white hair since he completely crushed the concept during GOT7’s “Never Ever” era, but seeing him go back to white while also sporting a fresh cut has definitely been leaving fans feeling very attacked.

In fact, fans have been loving the new look so much that #BamBam began trending all over the world right after the video was posted!

BamBam, however, isn’t the only member who’s been sending Ahgase hearts into overdrive with a new look lately. JB also gave fans a glimpse of his new long locks!

Seeing both JB and BamBam sport new hair, many fans also can’t help but think that this means GOT7’s comeback is closer than anyone expected since many artists change up their hairstyle prior to their comeback.

But whether or not these looks are for their comeback or not, hopefully, we’ll get to see a lot more of these heart-fluttering styles!