GOT7’s BamBam Doesn’t Want To Get Married For An Unexpected Reason

BamBam knows what’s best for himself!

GOT7‘s BamBam was recently added line up of Master In The House‘s second season and has already entertained fans in the episodes that have already aired.

GOT7’s BamBam | Men’s Health
Master In The House flyer.

In the latest episode, the cast went to BamBam’s house and got a tour before sitting down to chat. NCT‘s Doyoung and Lee Dae Ho presented BamBam with gifts, giving fans another reason to be excited about the idols’ growing friendship.

One of the staff revealed that BamBam’s house was chosen to be filmed first because he doesn’t want to get married, much to the surprise of the other members.

When asked why BamBam explained that he rarely gets time to himself and spends much of his time in hotels.

BamBam explains that he “doesn’t want to lose his life” to anyone and would prefer to be happy alone, without worrying about someone else’s feelings.

The artist then talks about his brother, Beer, who recently got married and has a 3-year-old son who BamBam was able to spend time with in Thailand in early 2022.

BamBam (right) and his brother, Beer (left).
BamBam and his nephew.

Beer visited BamBam in Korea a few months before this episode aired, and BamBam said he “didn’t look like himself.

During BamBam’s appearance on the PSICK SHOW, BamBam expressed a bit of interest in getting married but claimed it was hard because “girls always think I’m cute and funny but never think that as a man.”

Whether BamBam decides to get married, he’s a great catch in our books!

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