GOT7’s BamBam Hilariously “Exposes” A Fan For Having Multiple Biases

He pointed out one particular fan’s profile during the livestream event!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently held a Twitter Space event to chat with fans and ask some questions, while also “exposing” an Ahgase for having multiple biases.


During the livestream, BamBam noticed one particular fan’s profile, and decided to call them out. Their username was Jinyoung bias,” while their display name was Jay B‘s best friend,” and their bio was Mark Tuan is my king.” BamBam was shocked and teased them, hilariously asking “What’s wrong with you man?” Other Ahgases couldn’t help but relate to the struggle, saying this is their life as an OT7 fan.

He later teased the fan further, suggesting they change their display name to “BamBam is my best friend” instead of Jay B. As always, time spent with BamBam is bound to include some hilarity!


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