GOT7’s BamBam No Longer Has An Ideal Type But Looks For 2 Things In A Woman

“I like women who…”

Though GOT7‘s BamBam has been a loyal fan of Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and named aespa‘s Winter and Karina as new idols he’d also choose as his ideal type, he revealed that he no longer has one. Instead, he shared two things he finds most attractive about a woman.

Although BamBam wasn’t sure if he was “allowed” to share the type of women he’s usually attracted to, the idol went for it.

He named the fictional character Mitsuha Miyamizu from the Japanese hit movie Your Name. One of the things that drew BamBam to her was his love for short hair on women.

Looks weren’t the only focus for BamBam. Since he’s spent so many years working hard as an idol, he could appreciate others for doing the same. BamBam said, “I like women who have short hair and are very passionate in their career.

Although BamBam shared his opinion of currently being too young to think about marriage, that won’t stop him from having a few crushes until then.


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