GOT7’s BamBam Once Got Rid Of A Bug For Jackson…Only To Be Pranked In Return

He was repaid with a prank:

When it comes to insects, GOT7‘s Jackson is definitely not a fan. He dislikes them so much that even fake creepy-crawlies aren’t welcome in Jackson’s books. Despite his own dislike for the bugs, he is a big fan of pulling bug-themed pranks on his members…even when they save him from them!

During their tour last year, GOT7 got the chance to explore a beautiful town in the Netherlands before their concert and after taking in the sights for a while, they decided to stop for lunch. Unfortunately for Jackson, they weren’t the only ones at their table as they soon discovered they had an uninvited buggy guest.

As the bug crawled its way across a menu, BamBam decided to help Jackson out and quickly got rid of the bug for him. No sooner had he done so then Jinyoung decided to prank by lightly touching his ear. Jinyoung’s prank, in turn, sparked an idea in Jackson’s mind!

Quickly scooping a leaf off the ground, Jackson carried out his own plan.

Although BamBam doesn’t hate bugs like Jackson does, the leaf sounded so much like a bug flying straight into his ear that BamBam couldn’t help reacting the way he did!

Unfortunately for BamBam, after seeing his big reaction Jackson and Jinyoung decided to try their luck one more time and tag-teamed their way to one more prank!

Jackson may hate insects, but he definitely loves a good bug prank especially when he can prank BamBam!

You can watch the bug prank unfold at the 4-minute and 25-second mark below: