GOT7 BamBam’s Latest Insta Photos Are So Hot Nobody Cares How Old The Pics Really Are

Old but gold:

Whether he’s posting about his fur babies or dropping some selcas, whenever GOT7‘s BamBam posts something to Instagram, you’re guaranteed some seriously quality content from him. Even BamBam’s “old” photos are gold!

Back in March 2019, BamBam became a one-day fashion editor on an episode of Super Intern. Besides taking the lead with the concept styling and photo selection, BamBam also became the model for his photoshoot!

BamBam on “Super Intern”

With his visuals already way too hot in clips from the show, BamBam decided to give fans an extra dose of his swoon-worthy self when he uploaded a set of black and white photos from that particular photoshoot captioning them with “old photos.”

While the photos are old in the sense that they’re over a year old, absolutely no one cares when they were taken! After all, when photos are that sexy, who cares when they were taken!

Besides their heart-fluttering quality, the pictures themselves are actually completely new to Ahgase too and fans are definitely not complaining about seeing these new-old photos!

And really, who would complain about these photos? BamBam is way too stunning!

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