GOT7’s BamBam Completely Tricked Mark Into Calling Him Handsome

Mark walked right into BamBam’s trap:

When it comes to teasing his hyungs, GOT7‘s BamBam simply can’t resist the temptation especially when he knows he can troll his members without them even realizing it!


As the only Thai member of GOT7, BamBam has used that to his advantage numerous times and recently Mark was the one who walked right into his trap!


In the latest episode of #VogueAsks with Vogue Thailand, BamBam and Mark did everything from ranking their cuteness to revealing secrets! And while they had a whole lot of fun answering all the questions, BamBam definitely had a little extra fun with the last question. Before signing off, BamBam was asked to teach Mark something in Thai…

The last one, if you were to teach Mark a Thai word…

— Mark


And well, BamBam simply couldn’t resist. Thinking quick, he asked Mark to follow his lead and led Mark right into his trap!

Ok, I’ll teach you this. ‘BamBam is more handsome than Mark.’

— BamBam


After mirroring BamBam’s words, Mark couldn’t help asking what it was BamBam had just taught him. But there was no way BamBam was going to divulge that secret any time soon!

Mark: What does it mean?

BamBam: Find out after they translate it later.



Watch Mark fall right into BamBam’s Thai trap in the video below: