BamBam Went On A Meme Spree In Celebration Of GOT7’s 6th Anniversary 

No celebration would be complete without memes!

GOT7 debuted on January 16, 2014, and 6 years later GOT7 and Ahgase are celebrating their 6th anniversary together.


To celebrate, GOT7 took fans on an emotional rollercoaster ride when they posted handwritten messages on Instagram. But that was only the first part of their celebrations because no celebration with GOT7 would be complete without memes…lots and lots of memes!

Image credit: @AIS_Thailand/Twitter


While fans were having a blast sharing memories with GOT7 and maybe a meme or two themselves, BamBam logged onto his Twitter account and simply couldn’t resist GOT7’s “evolution” with Ahgase!


BamBam’s meme was a reference to one of their interviews with Buzzfeed where they tried out these names! While fans immediately cracked up over the reference and fully embraced GOT7’s new identity as 7-ELEVEN, they were also more than ready to play right along!


Pretty soon, Ahgase were dropping their own hilarious memes under his post…


And getting even more meme replies from BamBam!


Every good celebration needs memes and since this meme spree began, Ahgase have been celebrating even more, not only by dropping more memes but sending BamBam and GOT7 even more of their love too! Six years and counting!

Image credit: @GOT7Official/Twitter