GOT7’s BamBam Reveals The Message He Wants Fans To Take Away From His New Album “riBBon”

BamBam loves Ahgases so much!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently released his first solo mini-album called riBBon. After the album was released, he also treated fans to some behind-the-scenes footage from when he shot the images for the album.

| BamBam SPACE/YouTube 

During the video, the staff asked BamBam whether he wanted to send any particular messages to Ahgases through the album. As expected, BamBam had some touching words for GOT7 fans and emphasized how he hoped that the album would help them.

Honestly, nowadays, no, I mean always, everyone is going through something difficult, right? Difficult things or situations. Don’t forget that there is always hope.

— BamBam

| BamBam SPACE/YouTube

If that wasn’t enough, BamBam reminded fans that he will always be there for them no matter what happens or if they are feeling down.

I’ll be your ‘hope,’ and ‘power.’ I’ll give lots of good energy to you! You know what I’m saying?

— BamBam

| BamBam SPACE/YouTube

From making sure that Ahgases know that they will always be GOT7 despite their solo comebacks and now this, BamBam and the other members are proving that they want to be there for their fans no matter what!

Make sure to watch the music video for BamBam’s title track, “riBBon,” below!

Source: BamBam SPACE and FI


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