GOT7’s BamBam Has One Dream For His Future, And It’s Too Wholesome

They have the best relationship!

In a recent interview, GOT7‘s BamBam revealed the dream he has for his future, and it might just be too wholesome.

Speaking with Arena Homme+, BamBam made a ‘mindmap’ of his thoughts, discussing recent meaningful events such as GOT7’s comeback.

And when he came to the part of the mindmap that contained the things closest to his heart, the first thing BamBam mentioned is the health of his cats ( a very relatable answer). BamBam is well known for being a total cat person…

…so it’s unsurprising that he is very concerned with making sure that his cats stay healthy for as long as possible, especially as they age.

| 아레나옴므플러스/YouTube 

But the other thing that is very close to BamBam’s heart is, of course, his family. BamBam is known to have a very strong relationship with his family, as evidenced by the fact that they have always been there to support him (and his members!) in his activities.

BamBam and his family | @kochakorn_1965_159/Instagram

BamBam’s mother Kochakorn Sermsuksakulchai, GOT7’s Jackson Wang and BamBam

Unfortunately, he rarely gets to see his family due to his work in Korea, which is why his dream is to one day move back to Thailand and live with all his family members. According to BamBam, this way they will be able to “take care of each other when they are older.”

| 아레나옴므플러스/YouTube 

He hopes to one day buy a piece of land there, build houses that are connected, and live there together with the whole family…

Seeing how stressful and exhausting life as a K-Pop idol is, it is completely understandable that BamBam would look forward to one day settling down in his own country and live happily with the family he has been away from for so long. He definitely deserves it!

For the full clip from Arena Homme+ check out the link below.