GOT7’s BamBam Breaks Down In Tears While Thanking His Mom At Fanmeeting

They’ve been through so much.

GOT7‘s BamBam recently broke down in tears at his solo fanmeeting.

Over the weekend, BamBam held three days of BamBam PREMIUM LIVE, his fanmeeting in Thailand.

GOT7’s BamBam

It was a special event as BamBam reunited with Ahgases. He even included many references to GOT7, from playing their songs to starting the fanchant.

Yet, above all, the most emotional moment was when BamBam’s mother, Kochakorn Sermsuksakulchai (also known as “Mama B”), appeared on stage with him.

BamBam moved the spotlight off himself to his mom as he expressed sincere gratitude for her for all she had done for him and their family. She raised him and his three siblings all on her own.

Thank you, Mom, for raising me alone. Thank you very much.

— BamBam

It was a moment that would make anyone cry. Still, knowing BamBam’s personal struggles made it all the more touching.

Ahgases are so proud of BamBam. He and his mom deserve the world.

BamBam truly loves his mother so much. Recently, he and she celebrated their birthday early so that they could spend it together. Read more below:

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