GOT7’s BamBam Is Now The Proud Parent Of A Moose Thanks To An Ahgase

BamBam is officially a moose dad!

It’s official, GOT7‘s BamBam is now the proud dad of a moose!


Starting with a conversation with a Canadian Ahgase on After School Club in 2015, BamBam has shared his love for the majestic moose numerous times over the years.


In fact, any chance he gets BamBam will show some love to his moose buddies! BamBam has been known to randomly like photos involving the animal on Instagram, talk about them whenever Canada is mentioned, and even dab with them (or at least a moose picture)!


Knowing just how much BamBam loves moose, an Ahgase, @CassidyLeigh3, recently decided to give BamBam the ultimate gift — the honor of being a moose dad! How? By adopting a moose from the World Wildlife Fund in BamBam’s name!


Ahgase everywhere have been celebrating the new addition to the GOT7 family and can hardly wait for BamBam to find out about his new son or daughter!


There’s no doubt that once he does, he’ll be the proudest moose dad around!