GOT7 Were Ready To Leave BamBam Out Of Their Group Cheer All Because Of Ice Cream

BamBam soon found out his ice cream purchase was a big mistake:

When GOT7 headed to London in the latest episode of GOT7’s Tourlog they were expecting to see the sights, explore the city, and enjoy some fun in the city. What they weren’t expecting, however, was to face the ultimate betrayal from BamBam — only buying ice cream for himself!


After having fun around London, GOT7 were ready to head back home when they realized they were still missing BamBam. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait too long before BamBam made his appearance along with a tasty treat…


Just for himself! His members quickly found out that when BamBam went for an ice cream run, well, he only bought one of those tasty treats for himself! Cue the dramatic music!

Ice cream alone! Crazy!

— Jackson


His members were definitely not here for that and quickly voiced their feelings of betrayal. The only problem? BamBam blissfully ignored them and tucked into his delicious treat!

Our director told you so much about this, but again? You should think about others, waiting for you, shivering in the cold. He told me so. Didn’t you hear that?

— JB


While BamBam may have believed he was out of the woods when his members turned their attention to their concert, that bit of ice cream betrayal proved to cut even deeper than he could have imagined. Soon BamBam even found himself being kicked out of the group cheer!

Let’s leave BamBam out.

— Jinyoung


At least they let his ice cream in on the fun!


Well, all is fair in love and ice cream! Check out more of BamBam’s betrayal as well as more of GOT7’s adventures in London below: