GOT7’s BamBam Revealed Which Language He Uses With His Cats And The Reason Behind His Choice Is Too Sweet

And the Cat Dad of the Year award goes to…

When it comes to his purr babies, GOT7‘s BamBam has never been shy about teaching Ahgase all about them! Over the years Ahgase have learned a lot about Pudding, Latte, Cupcake, and King, but there is has always been one more thing about the cats that fans have been curious about. Since BamBam is fluent in Thai, Korean, and English, the big question is which language does he use with his cats?

Luckily for curious fans, BamBam finally answered the question! During BamBam’s latest live, BamBam’s kitty King made a surprise guest appearance!

And once fans had thoroughly uwu-ed over King’s cuteness, they seized their chance to find out how BamBam talks to King and his siblings. The answer? Korean!

Does your cat understand English or Korean? Korean, man!

— BamBam

On top of answering the question, BamBam also revealed why he talks to them in Korean versus English or Thai. Turns out, BamBam speaks Korean with them because he was worried they wouldn’t be able to understand the vet if he didn’t!

Because, you know, if I bring them to the hospital or something I’m worried they won’t understand the doctor. So yeah, Korean!

— BamBam

After finally finding out the answer, Ahgase have simultaneously cracking up and agreeing with the logic behind BamBam’s language decision!

Watch BamBam reveal the answer to the long-awaited cat language question at the 28-minute and 50-second mark below: