GOT7’s BamBam Shares What He Thinks Is The Most Special Thing That Happened To Him In 2022

It’s a moment he’ll cherish forever.

In an interview with Mint MagazineGOT7‘s BamBam was asked what the most memorable thing that happened to him in 2022 was. Without hesitation, he replied that it was his performance at the Golden State Warriors’ half-time show.

| Mint Magazine Thailand/YouTube

In fact, it’s one of the most special memories of his entire life, and it’s easy to understand why.

It’s not every day that a K-Pop artist can perform at such a desired stage in the U.S., especially since it’s not even a music festival but a half-time show for one of the most famous sports teams in the world. BamBam is the first K-Pop artist ever to have an NBA half-time show, and he brought his very best, transforming the game into a concert. But for all the glory he well deserves, BamBam is humble; he’s just grateful for the opportunity and for the chance to have the time of his life.

The moment that stuck in his heart the most was the moment before he performed. BamBam was super nervous because it wasn’t even a place related to K-Pop or music, but a place full of sports fans.

However, BamBam won the hearts of everyone at the show. From the players to Warrior fans to Ahgases, there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t captivated by his talent and charisma.

Another unforgettable moment that happened was being able to wear three of the Golden State Warriors’ champion rings. The owner of the Golden State personally gave them to BamBam, who excitedly flexed the rings on his Twitter (as he should).

It’s definitely not a moment that anyone can get to have. Considering how loved BamBam is by the team and everyone supporting the Warriors (he’s their ambassador for a reason), this was their way of welcoming him to the team.

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