GOT7’s BamBam Reveals How Sunmi Persuaded Him To Join ABYSS COMPANY, And Her Reaction Has Us Soft

It is a touching story!

GOT7‘s BamBam has made no secret that he made the decision to sign with ABYSS COMPANY because of soloist SunmiSince then, they have showcased their close relationship, from filming videos together and sharing photos from their joint birthday celebration!

| @miyayeah/Instagram

In a recent interview on Mobidic‘s YouTube channel, BamBam shared more of the story behind his decision and how Sunmi helped influence him.

In this new agency, Sunmi is in the agency. So I asked her first, like, ‘How is the agency?’ Sunmi said, ‘This agency provides a good working environment,’ so I signed the contract straight away.

— GOT7’s BamBam

After that, the host then asked if he could phone Sunmi, and luckily, she did pick up the phone because that was the one thing BamBam was worried about. From the second she answered, their interactions were nothing but cute.

When BamBam emphasized that she was the reason he signed with Abyss Company, she was touched by his words.

Of course, he would be attracted by the merit of this agency. But I think the fact that he trusted and followed me as well, I’m so grateful about it.

— Sunmi

There is no denying that the relationship between the two is adorable! Even in the video, BamBam called Sunmi “leader,” and Sunmi called BamBam “Asian Prince,” proving they really are friendship goals.

You can watch the whole video below.


Source: Mobidic, FI and FI