BamBam and Sunmi Reveal Their GOT7 Bias, And Their Answers Are Hilarious

Who do you think they picked?

Earlier in the year, GOT7 chose not to resign with JYP Entertainment. After the decision, they all signed with various labels and, in particular, BamBam chose to sign with ABYSS COMPANY.

In several interviews and videos, he explained that one of the main reasons for joining the agency was because of fellow K-Pop idol Sunmi!

Sunmi and GOT7’s BamBam | @miyayeah/Instagram

Since they are now in the same company, fans have been seeing wholesome interactions between the two artists. Recently, the two appeared on SBS PowerFM‘s Cultwo Show, where they discussed their songs, friendship and even had a dance.

In particular, both idols were asked to imagine themselves as audience members and reveal who their bias in GOT7 was. They both gave very different and surprising answers! BamBam was up first after the radio host asked him if he was a fan of BamBam.

If Ahgases were expecting a certain answer, it probably wasn’t this one and wasn’t the one Sunmi and the hosts expected either.

I like GOT7. But BamBam isn’t my bias. For me, it’s Mark!

— BamBam

After that, the hosts asked the duo if there was a song they wanted to request, and Sunmi picked BamBam’s track “riBBon.”

With this answer, Sunmi was next first person to answer whether she liked BamBam. Her answer also seemed similar to BamBam’s. With both the structure of her response and the answer, she hilariously revealed her own GOT7 bias!

I like GOT7. But BamBam isn’t my bias! My bias is Yugyeom.

— Sunmi

Yet, if BamBam was upset with her decision, he didn’t show and found it just as funny as the others did when he answered! It is just another example of how close BamBam and Sunmi are.

Now that they’re both at the same companies, hopefully, fans will continue to see more adorable actions between the two! You can watch the whole clip below!