GOT7 Carefully Considered Every Detail Of Their “Crash & Burn” Performance Video For Ahgase

GOT7 wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Ahgase:

GOT7 have always shown just how much they care about their fans from the way they help Ahgase to the way they make them laugh. But fans just got a closer look at just how much they care about making Ahgase happy in a recent behind video from Mnet‘s Studio Choom.


Studio Choom recently uploaded a video showcasing the behind moments from GOT7’s “Crash & Burn” and “Thursday” dance practices. While there were plenty of GOT7’s signature funny moments in the video, Ahgase also got a peek into all the prep work that went into the performances including all the carefully considered details of their “Crash & Burn” stage.


Absolutely everything from the lighting…

I saw the monitor when we rehearsed. The lighting is well set, which could definitely help show our point moves. So it’s up to us!

— Jinyoung


To their stage outfits were carefully considered to match the song’s concept and lyrics.

About today’s outfits? As you can tell this is a uniform. The reason why we picked a uniform is that it fits the concept of the song, wearing formal clothes and having our choreography on point.

— BamBam


Matching everything to the song, however, wasn’t the only reason for their careful consideration. Ahgase were a big influence too! For a long time Ahgase had wanted to see GOT7 in uniforms so what did GOT7 do? They decked themselves out in uniforms of course!

And I told you before, for this album I said I want to do something that IGOT7 want. You guys always wanted to see us in uniforms so here we are in uniforms!

— BamBam


And even if they weren’t too sure why their stage outfits had so many medals, they were 100% ready to add even more if that’s what Ahgase wanted!

These (medals) hanging on my shirt actually mean nothing. If these look good to you guys, I’ll put some more on!

— Youngjae


From the lighting to their outfits, GOT7 just wanted to make sure everything was absolutely perfect for Ahgase! You can check out more behind moments as well as GOT7’s “Crash & Burn” video below: