GOT7 Didn’t Hold Back With Their Sexy Blindfolded Performance Of “Aura” And Absolutely No One Is Okay

I, for one, was not prepared!

As if their performances of “Aura” weren’t already dangerous enough, GOT7 added a blindfold twist to their latest performance and it’s been hitting everyone just a little bit different!

Image: @GOT7Official/Twitter

GOT7 teamed up with Dingo Music to share a special choreography performance of “Aura”. And the special performance certainly did not disappoint! While some blindfolded challenges are pure chaos (and even GOT7 have unleashed some of that chaos themselves), from the moment they started dancing, GOT7 proved this wasn’t going to be the chaotic kind of dance.

With flawless moves and perfect synchronization, GOT7 didn’t miss a single beat as they performed.

Toss in their outstanding visuals and GOT7 packed a seriously powerful punch delivered straight to all our hearts!

It’s really no surprise at all that Ahgase have been feeling all sorts of ways after witnessing that particular version of “Aura”. Many fans are in awe of just how flawless their performance was…

And just about everyone who’s seen the video has been feeling a bit overwhelmed and VERY attacked!

Powerful, intense, and super sexy? Yep! GOT7 really did not come to play during this “Aura” performance! How are we feeling Ahgase? Are you feeling just as attacked as we are right now?