GOT7 Expected A Nice And Relaxing Boat Ride But With GOT7 At The Helm It Was Anything But

They were in for one wild ride:

With a nice sunny day, calm waters, and the urge to explore the town, GOT7 were all set to have a nice relaxing boat trip through a gorgeous town in the Netherlands on the latest episode of GOT7 Tourlog. But with GOT7 taking turns at the helm, well, they were all in for a very wild ride!


After learning the ropes about the boat they would be taking, GOT7 were on their way. With Jackson at the wheel, their ride started off smooth…sort of.


As Jackson continued to captain their vessel, well, let’s just say it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for GOT7!


After experiencing one too many bumps along the way, Jackson was kicked off of helmsman duties and JB took over. While everyone thought it might be a little smoother with Lim leader taking over…


It really wasn’t! With JB continuing the bumper car (boat?) trend, BamBam ultimately decided to bail ship followed shortly by Jackson!


Pretty soon, however, there was another change-up in their captain with Mark taking over the helm! This time, with the eldest member steering the boat, things were looking up for their relaxing boat ride after all!


Well, at least until BamBam took over and went all “Fast and Furious” on them!


Who knew a relaxing boat ride could turn out so wild! Check out more of GOT7’s wild ride as well as more fun moments they had in the Netherlands below: