A GOT7 Fan Loves JB So Much, She Asked Emma Stone To Do This For Him

IGOT7s have been working hard to make GOT7‘s wildest dreams come true in return for all that GOT7 has done for them.

Recently, GOT7’s Youngjae had the chance to meet with Elliott Yamin and Sanjoy thanks to the hard work of fans. Recognizing their power, IGOT7s have made the headlines once again after one fan was able to make JB‘s wishes come true (sort of).

On January 29, GOT7 held a fan meeting in Los Angeles. During the event, JB was asked about what his current favorite movie is. JB quickly answered that he really loved Ryan Gosling‘s and Emma Stone‘s newest movie, La La Land, adding that he almost cried while watching it. To prove his love for the movie, he even sang the song “City Of Stars” from the movie’s OST.

Seeing how much JB enjoyed the movie, a fan took action by going to the 32nd Santa Barbara International Film Festival for a chance to see Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, who both attended to receive the “Outstanding Performers Award of the Year” for their fantastic acting in La La Land.

The fan reported that she waited 3 hours in the rain before she was able interact with the actors up close. When Emma Stone reached the GOT7 fan, the fan asked her if she could hold a JB fan for her, to which she happily obliged and smiled into the fan’s camera while holding the JB fan.

To prove that the pictures were not edited, the GOT7 fan released a video of the interaction taking place.