GOT7 May All Be In Korea At The Same Time Soon, But Fans Won’t Get An OT7 Photo For This Reason

It completely makes sense.

GOT7 fans have been enjoying the solo content released by the group since their last comeback, but are always excited to see the group together and for the possibility of more music from them.

The group had their first complete comeback since departing JYP Entertainment in May 2022 with GOT7. The group repeatedly shared that they wanted to make this comeback, not only as a gift to fans but to prove to everyone that said otherwise that they had not disbanded. Since then, fans have been keeping an eye out for any signs that the group might be planning more group activities.

All the members of GOT7 have all appeared on Youngjae‘s Youngjae Best Friend radio show, and have amused fans with their antics together.

In addition to teasing a GOT7 world tour someday, Mark recently talked about GOT7 releasing new music during the final date of his the other side North American Tour.  He implied that the group would be working on new music very soon, saying that “we going to come out with much better songs.”

With Jay B, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom recently sharing a photograph together, fans have been wondering if these are all signs of an upcoming comeback sometime in the near future.

| @jaybnow_hr/Instagram

While this is hopefully true, fans will be disappointed to find out that they will probably not get a long-awaited OT7 selfie, even when all of the group do hang out together inevitably.

Earlier this year, during promotions for “NaNaNa,” GOT7 did a variety of fan events including video fan meetings. During one, a fan told Jackson Wang that they had a special request and he asked what it was.

The fan proceeded to ask about photos of the group altogether and if there really were not any from the time they hung out, and Jackson said no! According to Jackson, there was a very good reason behind them not taking pictures together.

We have been together for more than ten years now, so why take a picture together?

— Jackson Wang

This reason resonated with a lot of fans who completely understand the idea of not taking photos with those who you’re closest to! Nonetheless, fans still want a photo of all of them together for their own sake!

Hopefully, the group will let this idea slide and treat us to a photo when they’re all back together!


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